Edward Pryor “E.P.” Smith passed away peacefully Sunday, October 3, 2021 due to complications from diabetes and other illnesses.  He was born May 2, 1940 in Campbellsburg, Kentucky to the late Martha Pryor and Deacon Smith.


E.P. is survived by his cousins Charlcye Smith Hawk, David Crabtree Smith, Jamie Hartman Hawk, David Crabtree Smith Jr., and Benjamin David Pryor Hawk. His life, his unmatched sense of humor, and his incredible mind will forever be cherished by his family and friends, and his loss will be felt deeply. 


Edward Pryor was one of a kind. He was a true generational Kentucky farmer, a gentleman, an amateur historian, and an engineer by trade.  He attended Campbellsburg High School, received a B.S. in physics from the University of Kentucky, then continued on to earn a Master’s Degree in that same field.  During that time, his mastery of that subject was so respected that NASA scientists would call on him to help them solve problems for their expedition to the moon. Following his academic tenure, E.P. worked for Southern Bell for 25 years as a Senior Engineer, ultimately winning the lifetime telecommunications service award.  A faithful son, he left his career in telecommunications soon after his father died, and returned to Henry County to manage the family farms.  There, at their Campbellsburg homestead, he cared for his mother, grew a variety of crops, raised cattle and sheep, and was one of the first in the area to introduce Llamas (“Chester” and “Clementine”) to protect his flock.


Though he did not have the opportunity for much of his life, Edward Pryor loved to travel. He treasured his trips to Northern Europe, especially Germany, Alsace, and the Netherlands. During his travels to those places, he would reflect on their history and culture and create lasting friendships with their people.  Having studied and become proficient in German during his time in college, E.P. also enjoyed those trips as an opportunity to improve upon his German. By all accounts he became quite conversational—especially after a lager or two.


For all who knew him, E.P. was admired for his vast knowledge, intelligence, and practical nature.  Rarely was there a subject or a matter that he could not discuss, provide guidance on, or help others to understand.  E.P. was an avid historian, particularly when it came to Kentucky, the Civil War, and World War I, which he loved to discuss with other family members, and particularly with younger members of the family, who thought the world of him.


In lieu of flowers, donations in memory of Edward Pryor Smith can be made to the Physics & Astronomy Alumni Scholarship Fund. Checks to the University of Kentucky with the fund name written in the memo field should be mailed to:


UK Philanthropy

PO Box 23552

Lexington, KY 40523


For online giving:


Type the “Physics & Astronomy Alumni Scholarship Fund” into the search tool at the top of the page and click the magnifying glass icon. Next, click the “Donate to Physics & Astronomy Alumni Scholarship Fund” button to complete the gift.



MEMORIAL SERVICE:   11 AM on Friday, October 15, 2021 at Prewitt New Castle Funeral Home.



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