James M. Hilty, age 48, passed away on Monday, May 30, 2022.  He was a construction worker. James was preceded in death by his father, Andy J. Hilty and brother, Leon Hilty.


James is survived by his wife, Susan A. Hilty; mother, Martha L. (Miller) Hilty; fifteen children, Kathryn S. Schwartz (John), Menno S. Hilty (Elizabeth), Susan S. Hilty, Rosie M. Hilty, James M. Hilty, Jr., Chris S. Hilty, Anna S. Hilty, Ruben S. Hilty, Henry S. Hilty, Martha S. Hilty, Mary S. Hilty, Joe S. Hilty, Lydia S. Hilty, Andy S. Hilty & Levi S. Hilty; four sisters; two brothers & five grandchildren.


Visitation will be from 4pm – 8pm Tuesday, May 31 and 9am – 7pm on Wednesday, June 1.  Funeral service will be 9am Thursday, June 2.  All services will be held at the Hilty home at 3562 Franklinton Road, Pleasureville, KY.

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