This website has many purposes. You may use it to search for present services and arrangements or past services that we may have had in the past week. You may also use it to find helpful information about arranging a funeral service as well as pre-arranging a funeral.


We offer many services here at Prewitt Funeral Home, such as Traditional Services, Memorial Services and/or Cremation Services. In addition we offer advice and guidance throughout the decision-making process, answering questions about local customs and costs, assuring that legal requirements are met, and providing whatever equipment, facilities, and technical services are necessary or desired. We are prepared to carry out the wishes of those making the arrangements with understanding and consideration. 



2 Locations to Serve You:


425 North Main Street

P.O. Box 205

New Castle, KY 40050

(502) 845-2917

Fax: (502) 845-0333


5901 South Main Street

Eminence, KY 40019

(502) 845-4800


E-mail:   prewittfh@outlook.com

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