There are advantages to both Funded and Non-Funded Pre-Arrangements. Regardless of which of the two suits your needs I've listed information below that would be needed to pre-arrange a funeral or to make arrangements for a loved one.



You can prearrange at today’s prices with payment options up to 10 years long.  By setting up payment plans you lock in the current prices.


Vital Information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Race
  • Birthplace: County & State
  • School Level
  • Social Security
  • Occupation or Retired from
  • Father’s Name
  • Mother’s Name with Maiden Name

Special Requests:

  • What Hairdresser would you want (Usually Ladies Only)
  • Member of what church, if any.
  • Form of Contributions (Family’s favorite charity)
  • Is the deceased a Veteran, if so would need Discharge
  • Do they wear glasses: Yes / No
  • Do they want any jewelry to be put on.
  • Make-Up: Light – Medium – Heavy
  • Nail Polish Color and Lipstick Color
  • Do they belong to any Lodge or Organizations.

Funeral Services:

  • Where you want service to be held?
  • What Minister (s) do you want to conduct the service?
  • Any Special Scriptures wanted during the service?
  • Any Special Music played during the service?
  • What type of Flowers wanted for the Casket Spray?
  • What Florist would you want to use?
  • Want to use Own Clothing?
  • Active Casket Bearers and/or Honorary Casket Bearers?
  • List Survivors with Name, City & State of Residence (Immediate Only).
  • Number of Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren & Great Great Grandchildren.

Cemetery Information:

  • Cemetery and location.
  • Lot and Grave #.
  • Buried next to whom?

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