About Prewitt Funeral Home


     Prewitt Funeral Home was founded in 1959 by William "Bill" and Josephine Prewitt.  Billy Prewitt, their son, helped his father with this endeavor.  Betty Prewitt, Billy's wife, received her license in 1980.  Gay Prewitt, Billy's sister, started helping in the office in 1984.  Guy Prewitt, Billy's son, started working for the funeral home in 1984 and received his license in 1990.  The Prewitt's expanded in 1988 and bought the Rickett's Funeral Home in Eminence, Kentucky.  Rev. Robert Jesse Fields joined the staff in 1992.  He continues to serve in whatever capacity is needed.  After devoting his life to his family and business, Billy Prewitt passed away unexpectedly in an automobile accident in July of 2004.  Sarah Polston, the daughter of Rev. Garry Polston, graciously accepted a position with the funeral home shortly following this incident.  Sarah received her Indiana license in 2002 and her Kentucky license in 2004.  William "Bill" Prewitt, the original founder, passed away in July of 2005, followed by his wife, Josephine, in June of 2006.  Gay Prewitt retired from Prewitt Funeral Home in January of 2008.  She continues to reside in New Castle, KY.  In September 2015 Guy's son, Cole, graduated from mortuary school and has joined Prewitt Funeral Home.

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